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What is GirlFriendCircles?

We have an epidemic of unacknowledged loneliness.

We are more socially networked than ever before, yet we don't feel really seen and supported by a few who really matter. We are hungry for deeper friendships. With 75% of women reporting dissatisfaction with our friendships, it's time to admit we want more meaningful connection and show ourselves we're willing to do something about creating them.

Too few of us have been taught how to deepen friendships...

Through a monthly theme and class, online conversations and connecting, live Q/A coaching calls with friendship expert Shasta Nelson, and fun ways to meet women locally and across this country, GirlFriendCircles.com is the community that will introduce you to new friends and inspire stronger friendships in your life.

Membership includes: 

1) Fun Ways To Meet New Friends: Local events, virtual circles based on common life stages or experiences, and intentional introductions to others in our community who live near you or who share common interests! 

2) Meaningful Ways to Build Better Friendships: With a new theme every month designed to teach you how to develop more meaningful friendships-- you'll receive a monthly class, worksheet, discussion questions, a personal goal to practice, and access to advice and encouragement! 


(For more details: www.GirlFriendCircles.com)

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